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I started the website www.trailhiking.com.au simply to share the many trails I have explored. When I did so I didn’t really appreciate the magnitude of the response or the importance of educating the community about the many benefits of hiking and how to do it safely. I am really excited that there are now in excess of 2500 trails on my site with over 50,000 visitors every month. The highlight for me is that I know I am helping people to discover the many joys of hiking and providing them with a tool that aids in their adventures. To me that makes my effort all worthwhile.

Victoria, Australia


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A real test in the Himalayas

What I really want to say here is that If I hadn’t of been in possession of my ArmaSkin on the 120km trek when wearing my brand-spanking-new boots, I definitely would not have endured the pain of skin peeling from my heels. My feet and boots weren’t too smelly either which is quite a feat when you are in them for 6 hours a day for 12 days. You can read my full review here https://www.trailhiking.com.au/armaskin-dermal-protection-layer/

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