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Your Wild Business Dashboard

Manage your business listing, advertising and events with Get Me Wild’s state-of-the-art business portal, carefully designed to help you connect with the outdoor community.


1- Claim

The best way to get started is to take control of your business page at Get Me Wild. Claim your business now or create a new listing.

2- Promote

Tell the community what it is that you do best. Promote your products and services with photos, videos and special offers.

3- Convert

Easy tools to reach out and talk to the community. Turn visitors into customers with Get Me Wild’s awesome analytics.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • View Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Statistics
  • Get Low-Rating Alerts
  • Manage Reviews, Leads, Events, Coupons, Menu, Ads etc.
  • Internal messaging to capture leads and communicate with the community.
Get Me Wild Australia

Autopilot listing submission

Introducing Wild-Bot. A cool new tool that will help you submit your business listing ‘auto-magically’. Enter your business name, select your business from drop-down list and sit back and relax while the form is magically populated from Google Maps.


  • Makes it super easy to add your new listing
  • Avoids Human Error, particular if a member of the community has listed your business for you
  • Grabs current information from Google Maps

*Currently some data fields are not supported.

Get Me Wild Australia

Advanced filter

Users can easily narrow the search results by price, open now, near me (with distance range) and features. We also take the game to a WILD new level through the ability to generate custom search fields.


  • Wild user interface makes searching a breeze
  • Filter by Features
  • Filter by Additional Details
Get Me Wild Australia

Claim & verify listing

Someone has done you a favour and created your listing for you? Take control of your  listing by claiming and verifying with Get Me Wild. Earn the claimed badge, build trust with customers and generate more leads.


  • Claim a listing as your own
  • Build Trust
  • Generate more Leads & Revenue
Get Me Wild Australia

Ad campaigns

Generate more leads with targeted ads to customers searching for a specific category, tag (keyword) or feature in a specific location with different placements to maximize the Return on your Investment (ROI).


  • Pay-Per Click (PPC)
  • Pay-Per Day (PPC)
  • Restrict Competitor Ads via Pricing Plans
  • Targeted Ads (Based on: Category, Tag/Keyword, Location)
    Example: If Sarah searches for Hiking Boots in Sydney, then an Ad (promoted listing) will appear on top of the organic result, only if there is a a retailer selling Hiking Boots in Sydney.
Get Me Wild Australia

Deal & coupons

Drive more traffic to your site by offering unlimited deals & coupons to your visitors and showcase your business in a range of styles and positions to best suit your needs.


  • Coupon code
  • Count-down for deals
  • Easily manage from your business dashboard
Get Me Wild Australia

Wild event management

Take things to a WILD new level by hosting and promoting your upcoming events directly through your business listing.


  • Built-in Events Management from your business dashboard
  • Link to your online RSVP ticketing system
  • An absolute breeze to create and manage event listings
Get Me Wild Australia

Pricing plans

Signup for FREE or PAID plans to submit your listings. You can start off on a free plan then switch to a paid plan when you are ready to get more from your business listing.


  • Automated Recurring Payments
  • Manage Your Subscription
  • Smart Member Upgrades
  • Take advantage of start-up listing coupons
  • Pay Monthly or Annually

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