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Edgewalkers is a small niche tour company specialising in Walking and Creativity Retreats and Walking Tours in Australia’s southwest along the Cape to Cape in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park and the Fitzgerald River National Park as well as many other stunning southwest tracks.

Edgewalkers, walk people closer to nature and to their most creative selves. They offer their guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and experience the natural beauty of the region through the unique perspective of local artists and environmentalists.

Whether you choose a day walk, a multi-day walk or one of their many retreats you will be able to slow down and feel inspired by the stunning landscape of one of Australia’s most spectacular coastal walks. When you walk with them, you are not just walking with a tour guide you are also walking with a photographer, an environmentalist, a philosopher or a writer.

Edgewalkers organise deluxe accommodation and delicious fresh vegetarian meals….