Trail Hiking Guides Claimed

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Your TRAIL HIKING GUIDES are available as digital downloads.

There are now five guides in the series covering everything from beginner basics through to skills, safety, navigation techniques and essential gear.

Your Guide to Hiking Gear

This 38-page guide covers the Ten Essentials that should be considered as a standard inclusion in every pack. I also provide an overview of the vast array of gear you will need for both day and overnight adventures.

Your Guide to Hiking Safely

This 20-page guide provides a detailed overview of key safety measures you can take to ensure you and your hiking party is prepared and returns safely from every hike.

Your Guide to Navigation

The most common cause of ill fated hiking trips is people getting lost so it is important to know how NOT to get lost and what to do if it does happen. This 15-page guide will introduce you to the fundamentals of navigation.

Your Guide to Hiking Skills

By learning, practicing and refining a few common hiking skills you will become a lot more confident and will get a lot more pleasure from your adventures. This 22-page guide will introduce you to the skills required to enjoy your time on the trail.

Your Guide to Hiking

This 15-page guide is great for beginners as it introduces you to the basics of hiking. Download this guide to assist you in your trip planning, help you prepare and encourage you to get outdoors and enjoy your next adventure.